Please we encourage Each RVer to donate to the Church or Christian organization where they choose to dock. A $25 or more donation is suggested.

FOLLOW THE RULES. Upon your arrival to the Church or Christian camp, the facility may send you a copy of their rules at registration. Please ensure to follow the facilities rules so you can have a pleasant experience.


Those engaged in disorderly conduct, drunkenness, illegal drugs, loud, abusive or indecent language or any other behavior that is not God-honoring will be asked to leave the premises. ‘No Illegal” Firearms allowed.


In the event where the facility has a designated parking site, please ensure to park at the parking site to avoid traffic. Observe how other people are parked and do well to observe the guidelines for parking. The parking site should be left as it is found; clean.


Do Not move equipment or other property without permission. In the event of damage to property no matter how minor, reports to the host or staff, and offer to cover the cost of repairs.


Pet are welcome but you must be responsible for your pets, keep them within your facilities unless they are on leash. Do not leave your pet in your RV, tied on a leash outside your RV in a peg outside unattended to or allow to bark excessively. In the event where your pet is disruptive you will be asked to leave the premises.


Respect and observe Recommended quite hours from 10pm-7am and particularly early in the morning or late at night. For example; talking, playing loud music, playing games, using equipment that makes noise such as TVs or Mp3 radio player. This also applies to your guests, too.


Endeavor to pick up trash around the docking area, there are no designated areas for disposing trash. Ensure to pick up, and pack out all trash with while leaving the premises, and ensure to keep hoses in good working condition so others can make use of them. Don’t use fire rings to burn trash or food waste


Respect and maintain distance from fellow RV’ers, do not set up camp on top of your neighbor or try to obscure other RV’ers views.


No open campfires are allowed except for portable gas-fired pits. Fireworks or firearms are also not allowed on the premises


No Guest Campers – All Campers must be members with Faith RV Docking. Do not invite anyone who is not a part of your Faith RV Docking.


In the event where you are camping with kids, it is always important to be attentive to them. Teach your kids to be good neighbors as it will help things friendly with the hosts. Parent/guardian further acknowledge that the property owners are not responsible for the safety of your children, therefore you take full responsibility for the actions and safety of your children.


Treat everyone equal— with respect, honor, and dignity.


The next RVer will be eager to move in, so be ready to move on by the designated time.


Any persons using the facilities do so at their own sole risk. The church or ministry, nor Faith RV Docking shall not be responsible for any damages or theft to your RV, vehicles or personal property, either by an act of nature, vandalism or other accidents.


In the event where the authority or Host report your failure to comply with any of the above terms or your violation of the website Terms and conditions, and privacy policy You hereby acknowledge that your Guest privileges may be revoked (without refund).

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