Become A Host

Leverage Your Church Parking Lot to
Support Local Churches Everywhere!

Make the most of your underutilized space

Connect with Christian travelers who may contribute to your church

Partner with us to help start & strengthen other churches

Maximize your church’s underutilized space!

As Christian RVers embark on their journeys across the country, they frequently find themselves resorting to truck stops and big box stores for overnight stays. What if you could tap into the power of your church property’s underutilized space to connect with these travelers? 

By opening your doors to them, you have the opportunity to not only provide them with a safe place to stay but also to foster meaningful connections and potential contributions to your church. 

What’s more, when you partner with Faith RV Docking, our net proceeds go directly towards starting and strengthening other churches. It’s a win-win situation, as there is no cost to you. Simply extend your hospitality and allow them to overnight in your parking lot. Together, let’s make a difference for eternity!

Faith RV Docking Giving Model

Passionate RVers Stan, Rick, and Jeff have been avid travelers with their wives for the past decade. Faith RV Docking was born out of a desire to make an eternal impact by connecting Christian travelers with local churches. We donate our net proceeds to support churches, church planting, pastors, missionaries, and Christian camps.

We’re dedicated to using our business for a greater purpose. When you become a host church, you’re not just supporting a Christian business. You are supporting a mission to advance the gospel and strengthen churches across North America.

Leverage Your Church Parking Lot

Guests are allowed to stay in your parking lot for one night

Guests must abide by a strict code of conduct

Guests may be led to contribute to your church

How It Works

1. Host

Become a Host

There is no cost to become a host. Simply allow Christian RVers to stay overnight in your church parking lot during the week. Request to become a host church here.

2. Describe

Describe your property

As you complete your request form, detailed descriptions and images of where guests should enter and park will ensure their stay doesn’t interfere with any of your ministries during the week.

3. Welcome

Welcome Christian RVers

At this time, accommodations are on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will not receive a notification ahead of time if guests stay overnight on your church property. Welcome your guests, and If there are any issues, contact us.

Become a host for our mutually-beneficial family of RVers centered on faith and making an eternal impact.

By offering your church parking lot as a safe overnight haven for travelers on their journey to new adventures and reconnecting with loved ones, you can make a meaningful difference. Your act of hospitality not only connects you with fellow Christian RVers but also supports the establishment of new churches and strengthens existing ones. Together, let’s make an eternal impact for the sake of the gospel!


1. How many church properties are included in your network?

We have over 100 host churches in the U.S. and Canada.

2. Do members have to agree to a statement of faith to join Faith RV Docking?

Members do not have to affirm our statement of faith, but we encourage all members to be in agreement with what we believe before they join. Read our Statement of Faith here.

3. Is there a code of conduct for travelers?

Yes. All members must agree to the following guidelines while staying on a church property:

4. Are members allowed to stay more than one night?

Our normal procedure is for guests to only stay overnight. If you are open for guests to stay longer, reach out to us, and we will update your church profile description.

5. What if there are days we cannot accommodate travelers?

If you would prefer only certain nights to be open, or if there are special occasions that you cannot accommodate guests, enter this information into your host request form. If you need to make changes throughout the year, contact us, and we will update your church profile description.

6. What kind of churches and ministries do you support?

Faith RV Docking is not directly affiliated with any denominations or organizations. We primarily focus on helping start and strengthen Bible-centered, non-denominational churches and ministries across North America. Under the guidance of Pastor Greg Joyner, who serves as the director of R3 Ministries, our net proceeds are given to like-minded churches and ministries in response to identified needs.

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